The finest Finnish books
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The goal of the Finnish Book Arts Committee is to focus attention on books as art objects. In selecting the year´s most beautiful books, the committee looks for works that integrate content and design as well as possible. The criteria span the book´s graphic design as a whole, starting with the typography and ending with the complete printed product. The committee appreciates both the classic printing arts and fresh, new creative ideas.

Each year, the Finnish Book Arts Committee selects the Most Beautiful Finnish Books. One of these is named Book of the Year. There is also a separate Book Cover Award. Certificates are given to the designers, publishers, printers and other producers of the prize-winning books.

The Finnish Fair Foundation has granted the Finnish Book Arts Committee an annual grant for arranging the Most Beautiful Finnish Books of the Year competition. The Committee´s practical work is supported by the Federation of the Printing Industry and The National Library of Finland.

The Committee is chaired by Tuula Isoniemi, M.A. The working committee consists of graphic designers Hannu Hyrske (Kuvittajat ry - the Finnish Illustrators Association), Teemu Lipasti (Helsinki Metropolia University of Applied Sciences) and Eeva Sivula (Grafia ry - Association of Professional Graphic Designers in Finland). A working committee evaluates all the books sent in and presents them to the ´grand jury´, which then decides on the best among them.

Several organizations and institutions from the book-production and graphic-design sectors provide members for the ´grand jury´. These include: Bibliophiles Association; Freelance Graphic Designers; Federation of the Printing Industry; National Library of Finland; Master Bookbinders´ Guild; Lahti University of Applied Sciences - Institute of Design and Fine Arts; Mediaunioni MDU ry -Union of Print and; Finnish Library Association; Finnish Book Foundation; The Finnish Critics´ Association; Finnish Fair Foundation; Finnfoto ry - Central Association of Finnish Photographic Organizations; Aalto University - School of Art and Design; Industrial Workers´ Union TEAM.

The Most Beautiful Books of the Year are displayed in libraries and at book fairs in Finland, and in international exhibitions and competitions. Finland has been choosing the Most Beautiful Books of the Year ever since 1947. The Most Beautiful Books f the Year are chosen in 36 countries, in several European countries, along with Canada, the USA, China, Egypt, Japan, Colombia and others.