The finest Finnish books
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the Finnish Book Arts Committee?
    The committee consists of several representatives of organizations and institutions in the branches of book production and graphic design. The committee selects annually The finest Finnish books and The book of the year.
  • How does the Committee work?
    The committee has a chair person and a secretary and it consists of the working committee and the grand jury. The working committee evaluates all the books sent in and presents them to the grand jury that decides upon the selection of the finest books in the previous year and the finest book of the year.
  • Who are the members of the Working Committee and the Grand Jury?
    The working committee has a chairperson and a secretary plus three additional members. The grand jury consists of representatives of different organizations and institutions. You can find some more detailed information on our home pages under Jury.
  • Who can submit a book to The finest Finnish books competition? Is there a submission fee?
    Books can be submitted by publishers, printing houses, authors, graphic designers, etc. A submission fee of 75 euros per each submitted book will be charged to cover evaluation costs.
  • How many books can I submit?
    There is no limit as to the number of submissions.
  • How many copies of each submitted book should I send?
    One copy of each book submitted to the competition should be sent to the Finnish Book Arts Committee. If the book is nominated to the finest Finnish books Selection, the Committee will request for additional copies.
  • When can I send the books?
    Books are accepted from the beginning of November until the end of December. Detailed instructions together with a related press release and the submission form are available on this website on page Send in a book. Books must always be sent together with their respective submission forms.
  • When will the finest Finnish books selection be announced?
    The results of The finest Finnish books competition will be announced in March next year. The exact announcement date will notified later.
  • Are there different competition categories for the books?
    The books are normally divided under seven categories, but the Committee may opt out of some categories depending on the submitted material.
    · Fiction
    · Childrenīs and young adultsī books
    · Textbooks
    · Non-fiction
    · Illustrated works
    · Book series
    · Book jackets
  • Who decides the category for each submitted book?
    The person or the organisation submitting the book may suggest a category, but the final decision concerning the choice of category will be made by the Committee.
  • What is the category "Book series"?
    If a series of books has been designed collectively, with uniform appearance, it can be evaluated as a book series. A minimum of three (3) volumes of each book series must be submitted to facilitate their evaluation.