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The Most Beautiful Book of the Year
Erik Bryggman ja Turun arkkitehtuuri

The Book of the Year 2010 is Helena Soiri-Snellman´s Atrium - Erik Bryggman ja Turun arkkitehtuuri. The Finnish Book Arts Committee has selected 25 books for the collection of The Most Beautiful Finnish Books. Ten entries were awarded for their book covers.

Atrium - Erik Bryggman ja Turun arkkitehtuuri offers, besides a historical look at the Atrium building itself, also new information about architect Bryggman, his career and his influence on the architectural design of Turku and the birth of its cityscape. The book´s graphic design was realized by the Dog Design team and it was printed at Lönnberg Print. The grounds for the award state that the pioneer of modern, Finnish architecture has now attained a book of high ambition and quality in book art.

General and small publishers as well as museums, galleries and companies sent a total of 163 books to be evaluated by the committee. They represented, almost without exception, a high standard of quality. The evaluation focused on the whole range of graphic design, from typography all the way to the completed book.

Traditionally much attention, even passion, has been attached to the design and realization of art and cultural books. This year the committee discovered to its delight that also works of prose and lyric showed a strong presence of joy and renewing elements to Finnish book art. Many of the non-fiction books from different fields have commendably managed to capture the spirit of the subject at hand. Two books from the field of comic art were also awarded this year. Among the children´s books there were several small pieces of art. The illustrators and graphic designers had succeeded to create interesting visual worlds.


Hannu Väisänen´sKuperat ja koverat, designed by Anna Lehtonen, was seen as the committee as a fine example of how a novel can also be designed with heart and ambition. Hanna Hauru´sLiian pienet sandaalit is, according to the awarding grounds, a book with an innovative impact on Finnish book art. It is designed by Perttu Lämsä. Another beautiful work of prose is Pirkko Saisio´s hand-printed Lokikirja, designed by Elina Warsta.

Markku Paasonen´sTulevassa maailmassa, designed by Iira Oivo, and Bo Carpelan´sGramina, designed by Timo Numminen, stand out as timelessly beautiful poetry books.

The Aikamme kertojia series of translated fiction was awarded for its successful layout in the book series category.


Children´s books were praised for their visual narrative and typographic insight. In many of the books the illustrator is also the graphic designer. Matti Pikkujämsä has illustrated and designed Jukka Itkonen´s book Krokotiili hikoaa, and Linda BondestamUlf Stark´s book Diktatorn. Visual artist Katja Tukiainen´s comic book for small children Kisun 1, 2, 3 shows her unique skill also as a graphic designer.

Other awarded illustrators and graphic designers of children´s books are Salla Savolainen, Maija Vallinoja, Marika Maijala and Réka Király.


Finnish comic art, which is celebrating its 100th birthday, is still going strong. Two works of comic art, Kaisa ja Christoffer Leka´sTour d´Europe and Matti Hagelberg´sSilvia Regina featured indisputably as The Most Beautiful Books.


Art books by small publishers, museums and galleries have often found their way to the collection of The Most Beautiful Finnish Books of the Year - this year, too. Among them are Marika Mäkelä, designed by Maria Appelberg; Matti Kujasalo, designed by Timo Numminen and Pirkko Tuukkanen; Anni Leppälä - Vuoden nuori taiteilija 2010, designed by Anni Leppälä and Liisa Seppo; Miniprint Finland 2010, designed by Marion Robinson; and Caj Bremer - Valokuvaaja Photographer Fotograf, designed by Jorma Hinkka. The book does honor to the artist when the typography respects the artist´s works and the printing is of top quality.


Impressive and skillfully realized extensive books are Annukka Ahopalo´sErwekon vuosikymmenet, designed by Jorma Hinkka; Fabian Dahlström´sKorrespondensen mellan Axel Carpelan och Jean Sibelius 1900-1919, designed by Antti Pokela; Vesa Sirén´sSuomalaiset kapellimestarit, designed by Jarkko Hyppönen; Kaisa Viitanen and Katja Tähjä´sPaperittomat, designed by Sami Valtere; and Jukka Lindfors, Markku Salo and Raimo Pesonen´sDumari - Kohdusta hautaan ja paratiisin puutarhaan, designed by Jussi Karjalainen. There was also one textbook: Särmä - suomen kieli ja kirjallisuus.


The Most Beautiful Finnish Books 2010 will tour exhibitions in Finland and abroad. In Finland they will be displayed in the National Library, approximately ten of the HelMet libraries in the Helsinki Metropolitan area and at the Helsinki Book Fair.
The Most Beautiful Finnish Books will participate in the exhibition of The Most Beautiful Books in the World at the Frankfurt Book Fair and in the contest for the Most Beautiful Books in the World at the Leipzig Book Fair. 33 countries will take part in the contest. In Estonia the books will be displayed at the Tartu Art College and in the National Library of Estonia in Tallinn. In Stockholm an exhibition will be held at the Finnish Institute.


Tuula Isoniemi, Chair of the Finnish Book Arts Committee
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