The Most Beautiful Books of the Year
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The most beautiful Finnish book
of the year

Suomen luonto

Lasse J. Laine

Suomen luonto

Published by Otava Publishing Company Ltd
Printed and bound by Otava Book Printing Ltd
Reproduced by Aste Kirjat Oy
Graphic design Piia Aho, Venla Koski
Paper G-print 130 g/m2, Edixion 140 g/m2, Lumiart Gloss 130 g/m2
Typeface Dante MT, Cronos Pro

Beauty entails the ability of a book to enchant the reader, to successfully present the contents, and to appeal to and attract the reader. When the amount of material in a book is vast, it can be a challenging task to manage the content and appearance. The book in itself proves how well this challenge has been met. The photographs are carefully chosen, with a consistent approach, the printing and binding work speaks of excellence and the typography is refined in every detail. Books that are beautiful on the whole result from the work of a whole team of people, which gives them additional harmony and quality.

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