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Nature Book Most Beautiful Book of the Year 2013


The Finnish Book Art Committee has named the nature book Suomen luonto, by Lasse J. Laine, The Most Beautiful Book of the Year. Alongside it, altogether 24 other books were chosen for the collection of The Most Beautiful Finnish Books 2013 and awarded the Beautiful Book Prize. Ten books were given the award of Best Book Covers.

The graphic designers for The Most Beautiful Book of the Year, Lasse J. Laine´s Suomen Luonto, are Piia Aho and Venla Koski. The jury commends the design for how successfully it has managed to address the abundant material in terms of content and appearance. "The photographs are carefully chosen, with a consistent approach, the printing and binding work speaks of excellence and the typography is refined in every detail. Books that are beautiful on the whole result from the work of a whole team of people, which gives them additional harmony and quality."

This is not the first book by Lasse J. Laine to be awarded for its design. The Finnish Book Art Committee named his book Suomalainen lintuopas The Most Beautiful Book of the Year also in 1996.

Every year the Finnish Book Art Committee selects altogether 25 books for its collection of The Most Beautiful Finnish Books. This year 194 books were submitted for the committee to review. Most of the books entered in the competition came from professional publishers, but many of them also came from sources of different kind: museums, foundations, educational institutions and private citizens. The books that take part in the competition need to be in central respects Finnish. Now, for the second time, the committee also accepted books that were printed abroad. Five of the awarded books had been printed in Lithuania, and one in Hungary.

The recipients of the Beautiful Book Prize included books of prose and poetry, children´s books, comic books, non-fiction books and art books.

The graphic designers

This year Elina Warsta won three awards for her graphic design. Warsta´s illustrations for Heli Laaksonen´s ABC poetry book, Aapine, was lauded as adventurous and irresistible. The other book Warsta was awarded for was Ylpeys ja ennakkoluulo, the new Finnish translation of Jane Austen´s classic Pride and Prejudice, for which she had managed to create an exceptionally appealing appearance. The cover she had designed for Kari Hotakainen´s novel Luonnon laki was also given the award of Best Book Covers.

Many of the other graphic designers to be awarded had entered and been awarded in this competition before, including e.g. Jussi Karjalainen, Minna Luoma, Timo Numminen, Matti Pikkujämsä and Markus Pyörälä. This is the second time in a row for Pyörälä to be awarded among the most beautiful books of the year.

The competition has featured every year, this year as well, many new names among the awarded graphic designers. Finnish book art is going strong.

Beautiful books from all over the word

Best Book Design from all over the World is an annual international competition awarding books across the globe for outstanding design. The most beautiful books of thirty countries, altogether 567 books, will be exhibited at the Leipzig Book Fair during 13-16 March, 2014. The Most Beautiful Books of the Year 2012 will represent Finland in the competition. The results will be announced on 14 March 2014.

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