The Most Beautiful Books of the Year
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Juha Hurme

Nyljetyt ajatukset

Published by Teos Publishers
Printed and bound by Bookwell Oy
Graphic design Jenni Saari
Paper Enso Creamy 70g/m21.8
Typeface Brandon Grotesque, Adobe Jenson Pro

Peculiar tale of a rowing trip is in a sense a novel, in another perhaps not, in a sense a work of nonfiction, then perhaps not. The same diversity and multi-facetedness is reflected in the appearance. On the cover the calm elements such as horizon, the boat, and different shades of gray are contradicted with letters and arrows, pointing out that the book is not without surprises and stingers. The first opening contains a map of the journey, and obviously we need an index too.

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Markku Paasonen

Pienet kalat syövät suuria kaloja

Published by Teos Publishers
Printed and bound by Bookwell Oy
Graphic design Iira Oivo
Paper Munken Lynx 100g/m2
Typeface Abril Text, Abril Display, Abril Fatface

Matte-surfaced, blue-green calico cover with gleaming blue metal foil is beautiful and water-like. Schools of fishes stylished in cute rows is a delight. Calm still carries on in the inside typography, well-balanced margins and harmonious columns. Back cover text is about shooting a person in cold blood. Contrast created awakens one´s curiosity.

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Susanne Ringell


Published by Schildts & Söderströms
Printed and bound by Bookwell Oy
Graphic design Emma Strömberg
Cover design Sanna Mander
Paper Ensolux Cream 80g/m2
Typeface Neuton

The cover is hand-lettered. Cover illustration and the beautiful chapter vignettes create an atmosphere of intimacy. This is a light and luring book on Helsinki, beautiful as a Macaroon.

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Juan Rulfo

Pedro Páramo - Tasanko liekeissä

Published by Siltala Publishing
Printed and bound by Tallinna Raamatutrükikoda OÜ
Graphic design Jussi Karjalainen
Paper Munken Premium Cream 100g/m2 1.3
Typeface Linotype Didot, Franklin Gothic, Minion

The sun-yellow and grass-green of the flyleaf create a surprising tension with the terra colours of the dustjacket and the dramatic horse pictures inside. The entity is crowned with a horse-tail growing from the headband, created through black triangles varying in size; a simple invention asking for no extra material resources and a model example of the resourcefulness of the designer. There is also hair separating the short stories from the novel in the book.

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