The Most Beautiful Books of the Year
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The Most Beautiful Finnish Book of the Year


Liisa Kaski (ed.)

Kalevala ja opas sen lukemiseen

Suomen kirjataiteen komitea ry

Published by The Finnish Literature Society (SKS)
Printed and bound by Livonia Print
Graphic design Sanna-Reeta Meilahti
Paper Munken Print Cream 90 g, Munken Pure 150 g
Typeface Warnock Pro, San Marco LT Std

A refreshing newcomer to join the company of art-endorsed gilded giant Kalevalas: one thatīs actually meant to be read! Our national epic in a form thatīs of high esteem yet avoiding all pomposity, subdued but not dry, at the same time respectful to the traditions and refreshing. A red ornamental page border separates the actual Kalevala from its reading companion part in this convenient hand-proportioned book. All the choices support the textbook form. The cover is easily approachable and from the frontispiece opens a map that both clarifies the plot and connects Kalevala with the wider genre of fantasy literature.

Beautiful and meticulously finished typography gives a smooth reading experience. The additional red colour is used with consideration to add light and life on the pages. This is the way to dust off a classic without messing with the essential.