The Most Beautiful Books of the Year
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Taidekirjat / Art Books



Jaakko Heikkilä

Veden kätkemiä huoneita

Published by Maahenki Oy / Musta Taide
Printed and bound by Bookwell Oy
Reproduced by Petri Kuokka / Aarnipaja Ky
Graphic design Timo Numminen
Photography Jaakko Heikkilä
Paper Arctic Volume Ivory 150g
Typeface Perpetua, Gotham

Photographing the palaces of the nobility in Venice and the furniture within, demand a slightly bourgeoisie touch. Yet it´s not right to scare off the reader with excessive snobbery or too many frills. The book lifts up the depth of field in Jaakko Heikkilä´s photos, but keeps the extravaganza in leash the same way the self-sufficient high and mighty might do. True quality carries its own sign.

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Catarina Ryöppy

Metro #4 Paris

Published by Maahenki Oy / Musta Taide
Printed by Lönnberg Painot Oy
Bound by Finnreklama Oy
Reproduced by Timo Lagerström
Graphic design Jorma Hinkka
Photography Catarina Ryöppy
Paper Galerie Art Volume 150g
Typeface Garamond, Garamond Premier Pro

A book of ideas larger than its size, the material saddled to serve pictorial storytelling. Various lacquers turn these - not so great in a traditional sense - glimpses of photos noble and unique. The pacing of pictures recreates the movement of a metro train, and the ticket embedded in the cover takes one´s mind to Paris.

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Harri Kalha

Rut Bryk - Elämän taide

Published by EMMA - Espoo Museum of Modern Art
Printed and bound by Bookwell Oy
Reproduced by Kari Lahtinen / Kustannushuone Oy
Graphic design Anne Kaikkonen / Timangi
Photography Ari Karttunen / EMMA, Ella Tommila / EMMA
Paper Arctic Matt
Typeface Didot Elder, Apex New, Apex Serif

The cover sets its trust on one example of the very original approach of the artist: the Lion looks the reader straight in the eye. The flyleaf becomes quietly a part of the cover. The shape, size and materials create an approachable book, yet a monument worthy enough to commemorate the important artist. The layout is warm and spirited.

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Shunsuke Ohno - Dmitry Sokolenko


Published by Parvs Publishing
Printed and bound by Bookwell Oy
Reproduced by Jussi Tiainen
Graphic design Teemu Junkkaala
Photography Shunsuke Ohno
Paper G-Print 150g
Typeface Helvetica Neue

Hiding the name of the book from the cover is such a rare idea that it must open the eyes: the cover relies on strong colour. The opposite colour on the flyleaves rises to challenge the harmony of the cover. The format is challenging too, but this time just right for the content. The choice of materials works out. The last refining touches on the typography have been left out, but the laconic Helvetica is a good choice for this specific book.

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EMMA - Espoo Museum of Modern Art

Camilla Vuorenmaa: The Sea Separates Us

Published by EMMA - Espoo Museum of Modern Art
Printed by Lönnberg Print & Promo
Reproduced by Asko Rokala / Bee2 Oy
Bound by Finnreklama Oy
Graphic design Jussi Karjalainen / Studio Super8
Photography Ari Karttunen / EMMA
Paper Galerie Art Volume 150g
Typeface Lulo Clean, Trade Gothic, Adobe Garamond

All the bits and pieces on this exhibition book snap into their places. The rough and colourful works of Camilla Vuorenmaa controlledly blaze through the book. Both the layout and the colour scheme support the pictorial parade. Text is clear and vigorous, with elegant nuances, respecting both the reader and the artist.

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Pirkko Tuukkanen (toim./Ed.)

Jussi Heikkilä. Observationes 1984-2016

Published by: Suomen Taideyhdistys ry
Printed and by: Lönnberg Oy
Reproduced by: Petri Kuokka / Aarnipaja Ky
Bound by: Finnreklama Oy
Graphic design: Minna Luoma / Candy Graphics Oy
Paper: Galerie Volume 170g
Typeface: Scala Sans

A classic art book, taking advantage of the open space with quiet typography and well-measured rhythm. Pictures are grand, as they well should be in this kind of tome, and innovative thought has been put into insertions. The blank minimalism starts unapologisingly from the cover on and continues through the book. Meticulous care is present on every spread.

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Arja Karhumaa

Epägenesis : Katalogi

Published by: Ama Design
Printed by: Aldus Oy
Bound by: Esko Salonen / Mestarinkirja
Graphic design: Arja Karhumaa
Paper: Cyclus Offset

Epägenesis, the un-genesis, points out how the typography and form affect the written content. The results also display how books as objects convey the messages built on convention and tradition. A soft-covered, stapled catalogue feels vastly different from a hard-cover novel. This book-object with all its material choices and bindings is exactly right for its content: innovations packaging innovations.

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