The Most Beautiful Books of the Year
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Moona Tikka & työryhmä / Work Group

Vuoden Huiput 2015

Published by: Grafia ry
Printed and reproduced by: Aldus Oy
Bound by: Esko Salonen / Mestarinkirja
Graphic design: Piëtke Visser, Tony Eräpuro, Vesa Viljakainen / Kuudes Kerros
Photography: Paavo Lehtonen
Paper: Galerie Art Volume 150g
Typeface: Adelanto JNL ja Simplon Mono

This shamelessly hipsterish catalogue is at the same time fun yet stylish. This is the kind of book that has to live in the present day. Furthermore, the layout succeeds in organising a vast amount of material in an orderly and disciplined fashion. The binding is carefully planned and conceived, and the concept holds well together, with materials, descriptions, colours and typesetting.

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Anna-Kaisa Huusko - Johannes Wilenius

Hiort af Ornäs - Muotojen mestari

Published by: Fasetti Oy
Printed and bound by: Tallinna Raamatutrükikoda
Reproduced by: Johannes Wilenius
Graphic design: Petri Latvala
Photography: Johannes Wilenius
Paper: Munken Lynx 150g
Typeface: Ghiberti LP & FF Seria Sans

This typographically beautiful book is as carefully finished as the furniture designed by its topic. This is classic elegance without a dull moment. The pacing of the pictures is enjoyable and the covers are massive like ponderous quality furniture is. The wood grain in back cover intensifies the overall feel.

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Juuso Koponen - Jonatan Hildén - Tapio Vapaasalo

Tieto näkyväksi - Informaatiomuotoilun perusteet

Published by: Aalto ARTS Books
Printed and bound by: Saarijärven Offset Oy
Graphic design: Jonatan Hildén, Juuso Koponen, Otto Donner
Paper: Multiart Silk 300g, Munken Lynx 120g
Typeface: Stanley, Fakt Pro

If a book is supposed to tell about conveying the messages through pictures, one should at least expect the pictures to be informative and alluring. Often this is unfortunately not the case. A wide variety of visual imagery and the pink effect colour bring out the essential.

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Helena Liikanen-Renger

Maman finlandaise - Poskisuukkoja ja perhe-elämää Etelä-Ranskassa

Published by: Atena Kustannus Oy
Printed and bound by: Otavan Kirjapaino Oy
Graphic design: Elina Warsta, Ville Lähteenmäki
Illustration and cover design: Elina Warsta
Paper: Novel 2.0 70g
Typeface: Arno Pro, Perpetua, Neutraface Text

The calico cover is reminiscent of a diary, further strengthened by handwritten texts and the colourful but mundane illustration. Also the spine is enchantingly different. Glorious flyleaves and quirky vignettes finish the touch. The picture of the author in the back cover is a distant cry from the rest of the book, but maybe necessary for marketing.

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Jyrki Sinkkilä - Julia Donner - Meri Mannerla-Magnusson (toim./Ed.)

Unelma paremmasta maailmasta - Moderni puutarha ja maisema Suomessa 1900-1970

Published by: Aalto ARTS Books
Printed and bound by: Aldus Oy
Graphic design: Cleo Bade
Paper: Scandia 2000 Natural 130g, Scandia 2000 Natural 440g
Typeface: Neutraface, Scala

A beautiful and well-balanced entity with loads of knowledge. Despite its plethora of varied content, this cornucopia is easy to read. The appearance is pleasant and calm. Both typography and the details of the layout have been meticulously carried out up to the lacquer print on the cover, and the wide form is excellent.

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Jenni Tuominen - Tuomas Vimma

Pop up - Kanslerin keittokirja

Published by: Kustannusosakeyhtiö Kosmos
Printed and bound by: Bookwell Oy
Graphic design: Sanna-Reeta Meilahti
Photography: Elvi Rista
Paper: Amber Graphics 130g

We have no shortage of quality cookbooks on this day. Pop up stands out from the rest with its varied but clean typography. Simplified use of colours is controlled and lively and the recipes are easily told apart. The cover succeeds in being at the same time clear and plentiful: spoons with the spices, gilded lettering and punching all work surprisingly well together.

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Susanna Vento - Riikka Kantinkoski

Green Home Book - Inspiring Book of Plants, Easy Care Tips & Green Homes

Published by: Cozy Publishing
Printed and bound by: Livonia Print
Graphic design: Päivi Häikiö / Agency Leroy
Photography: Riikka Kantinkoski
Paper: Amber Graphic
Typeface: New Baskerville, Requiem

A dream book to gaze upon and enjoy from cover to cover. Clean-white paper, restricted yet harmonious colour scheme, and typography which is beautiful and compact, all speak the same language. The illustrations have breathing space; light, green and oxygen ooze out of blonde and spacious pages. The book is a beautiful object, gold foil in cover and golden headbands and bookmark strip all bring a bit of luxury in the sparse, white-green entity.

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Outi Väisänen

Samasta padasta - Huippuhyvää kotiruokaa vauvalle ja itsellesi

Published by:
Printed and bound by: Bookwell Oy
Reproduced by: Elvi Rista, Bookwell Oy
Graphic design: Anna Salonen / Mottowasabi
Illustration: Anna Salmi / Mottowasabi
Photography: Elvi Rista
Paper: Amber Offset
Typeface: Brush Up, Modern Love, Adobe Garamond Pro

Joy of life, stylishness and lack of complication fill this cookbook from cover to cover. Babies´ boisterous food culture bubbles over pages, yet cheerful elegance and disciplined layout guarantee the readability of this charmingly informative book.

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Aila Svenskberg (toim./Ed.)

Eero Aarnio - Värin ja ilon muotoilija

Published by: WSOY, The Design Museum
Printed and bound by: Livonia Print
Reproduced by: Keski-Suomen Sivu Oy
Graphic design: Bond Agency
Paper: Multioffset 140g, Munken Print Cream 80g
Typeface: Neue Haas Grotesk, Monosten, Larish Neue

This is a book that responds to the creations of Eero Aarnio. Skipping the slightly dull typography on the covers, the content speaks out graphically, in Aarnio´s own inimitable style. The colour scheme and the form converse in the voice of the bold designer. Controlled layout lets the works and their humour speak for themselves. Colours are retro-intense but hold in control.

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