The Most Beautiful Books of the Year
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Kari Aihinen

Kape 24 h

Published by Tammi Publishers

Printed and bound by Livonia Print

Reproduced by Keski-Suomen Sivu Oy

Graphic design Kasperi Salovaara, Jesper Bange / Bond Creative Agency Oy

Photography Sami Repo

Paper Munken Pure Print Cream

Typeface Calibre, Eksell Display

A combination of a cook-book and a portrayal comes out large and loud, garish in spot colours, odd in binding and brave in illustrations and typography alike. Simultaneously it´s a controlled, skillful and wholesome entity. This unapologising tome reflects its topic.

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Kalle Hamm - Dzamil Kamanger

Siirtolaispuutarha - Kasvio Saaren kartanon muinais- ja uustulokkaista

Published by Koneen Säätiö, Maahenki Oy

Printed and bound by Tallinna Raamatutrükikoja Oü

Graphic design Patrik Söderlund

Illustration Kalle Hamm

Paper Munken Pure 150g

Typeface Garamond Premier Pro

Siirtolaispuutarha is an introduction to the non-indigenous flora at Saari manor and the tradition of printed Flora, styled after Horti Picti of the 17th Century, and classic book design. Grey covers are reminiscent of herbarium aesthetics. Soft, mellow-tinted paper, crisp printwork and extremely beautiful, harmonious typesetting pamper the reader.

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Päivi Häikiö - Päivi Karvinen - Matilda Kivelä - Marja Salmela

Working with Wood - A Nordic Perspective on Cabinetmaking / Näkökulma pohjoiseen puusepäntyöhön

Published by Rakennustieto Oy

Printed and bound by Livonia Print

Reproduced by Agency Leroy

Graphic design Päivi Häikiö / Agency Leroy

Photography Anton Sucksdorff, Chikako Harada

Paper Munken Lynx Rough

Typeface Theinhardt

Book tooled with care akin to the carpentry it is about. The result is solid, rough and warm. Images in plethora are used with a fine sense of rhythm, and printed with diligence. The strict and harsh modern typeset is saved by airy design.

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Matleena Jänis

Kuvia Savosta ja maailmalta

Published by Finnish Literature Society SKS

Printed by Tallinna Raamatutrükikoja Oü

Reproduced by Petri Kuokka / Aarnipaja Ky

Graphic design Elina Warsta / Solmu Design

Paper Artic Volume Ivory 150g, Munken Lynx 150g, Geltex 122-LS 115g

Typeface Gotham Narrow, Adobe Caslon Pro

Pictures rich in shades carry the leading role in this book about the photographer family Jänis. Reproduction meticulously carried out, and well-chosen paper stock support the quality print. Unassuming, airy layout respects the photos.

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Kalle Kinnunen (toim.)


Published by Khaos Publishing Oy

Printed and bound by Livonia Print

Reproduced by Takomo Tuotanto Oy

Graphic design Antti Grundstén / Double Happiness

Photography Helen Korpak, Liina Aalto-Setälä

Paper Amber Graphic 130g

Typeface GC16 (Bold Decisions), Saol (Schick-Toikka), Absolution (Helsinki Type Studio)

This industrial-minded tome brings us greetings from the margins. Typography has a proper measure of topical edge, and the black-and-white design is unapologisingly bass-heavy. Black-tinted edges and silver-shaded covers create this book a dark, faceted sculpture.

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Milla Muurimäki - Minna Ainoa

Mystery - Style Traveller

Published by Cozy Publishing

Printed and bound by Livonia Print

Graphic design Ahonen & Lamberg

Illustration Minna Ainoa

Paper Munken Polar Rough

Typeface Times New Roman, Futura

Amazing fashion images, at the same time history-conscious and modern, combine with stories of people and phenomena. Spreads may lack in whole, yet the need to turn pages remain. Here the subject encounters its treatment.

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Antti Parpola - Timo Joutsivuo

Hyvinvointia rakentamassa - Orionin vuosisata

Published by Otava Publishing Company Ltd

Printed and bound by Otavan Kirjapaino Oy

Reproduced by Aste Kirjat Oy

Graphic design Piia Aho

Paper Scandia 2000 Natural 115g, Efalin Fine Linen

Typeface Scala Pro, Scala Sans Pro

It´s always a challenge to write a business history, demanding brightness of thought and readability, yet preserving dignity. Infographics, charts and photographs create together an exceptionally successful, exciting package.

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Maija Tammi

Sick Photography - Representations of Sickness in Art Photography

Published by Aalto ARTS Books

Printed and bound by Aldus Oy

Reproduced by Asko Rokala / Bee2 Oy

Graphic design Jesper Vuori

Photography Maija Tammi

Paper Munken Pure 100g & 150g, Maxisilk 130g

Typeface Proxima Nova, Caslon

Bold and inventive outlook on a doctoral thesis seems still an impossible anomaly. Photographs and typography both serve to preserve both readability and enjoyment. Layout is punctual, yet open enough for the entity not to suffocate.

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Pirjo Toikkanen

Rouva Kasviksen parhaat

Published by Otava Publishing Company Ltd

Printed and bound by Otavan Kirjapaino Oy

Reproduced by Aste Kirjat Oy

Graphic design and illustration Timo Hämäläinen

Photography Laura Riihelä

Paper Edixion 140g, Efalin Fine Linen 130g

Typeface Adobe Caslon Pro, Minion Pro, Elpiedra

This cook-book rich in abundance does not compromise its usability. Beguiling pages are laid out and illustrated with a loose and fertile hand. Pleasant, uncoated paper stock reproduces the delicious pictures in detail.

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Vapaat naiset (Leena Filpus - Susa Junnola - Helen Partti - Riitta Saarinen - Pauliina Susi - Liisa Takala - Tiina Torppa)


Published by Gummerus Publishers

Printed and bound by Livonia Print

Reproduced by Keski-Suomen Sivu Oy

Graphic design Tuija Tarkiainen, Laura Villi / Fru Design

Photography Liisa Takala, Susa Junnola

Paper Munken Lynx 130g

Typeface Bookish Book & Nils / Helsinki Type Studio

The red colour both in calico spine and the end leaves, and the uncoated paper lead us to the intimate and atmospheric moments in Saunas of the City. Bright and warm photographs in this beautifully printed book shine their fire-glow like a new-heated kiuas stove.

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