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Children´s Books


Satu Kettunen


Published by Tammi

Printed by Livonia Print

Reproduced by Keski-Suomen Sivu Oy

Graphic design and illustration Satu Kettunen

Paper Munken Lynx 140 g/m2

Typeface Hand lettering

A top representative of the now popular collage illustration style, where a colourscape both dark and glowing binds the multiplicity together. Rough materials and tough black cover foil give the book its finishing touch.


Laura Ruohonen - Erika Kallasmaa


Published by Into Kustannus Oy

Printed by Gryf Direct

Reproduced by Erika Kallasmaa / Katja Chicherina

Graphic design and illustration Erika Kallasmaa

Paper Board GC2 Alaska Plus 330 g/m2

Typeface ITC Bookman Std

A Sea Serpent crawls off the cover into the opening spread, followed by pages where we meet sea life ready to be assembled by the reader. This magnificent flip book is reminiscent of Eric Carle, and the text is delightfully handwritten. This book is well suited for reading together in a group, thanks to the good visibility of the exquisite characters.


Annika Sandelin - Linda Bondestam

Silkesapans skratt

Published by Förlaget

Printed by Livonia Print

Graphic design and illustration Linda Bondestam

Paper Munken Lynx 150 g/m2

Typeface IM FELL DW Pica PRO

Black calico spine and silver foil title invite to take a peek into this storybook. Narrative text and illustrations combine naturally. The text is sometimes playing with empty space, sometimes running over the illustration in random strips. Grand, large scale landscape pictures glow bright and deep.


Anne Vasko


Published by Etana Editions

Printed by Jelgavas Tipografija

Reproduced by Reka Kiraly / Etana Editions

Graphic design Reka Kiraly

Illustration Anne Vasko

Paper Serixo 170 g/m2

Typeface Mrs Lollipop and Caecilia

This strong and dynamic illustrated story toys with the contrasts. Shapes of the letters repeat in the sparse and rough illustrations. Colour scheme is energetic, unafraid of deepest black, and follows the mood into the dark and muddled. Sturdy cover and rounded corners make the book suited to the young reader.


Hannele Huovi - Elina Warsta

Hiiri mittaa maailmaa

Published by Tammi

Printed by Livonia Print

Reproduced by Keski-Suomen Sivu Oy

Graphic design and illustration Elina Warsta

Paper Magno Natural 140 g/m2

Typeface Hand lettering

This tall and narrow picture book of verse is reminiscent of Perrault´s Mother Goose tales, and the shape accompanies well the narrow columns. Cheerful illustrations flow effortlessly from spread to spread, pacing the format or challenging it. The typography is somber, secondary to the pictures. The soft colours are dull in the cover, but work well on the inside pages.

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