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Jenna Emtö - Ida Kronholm - Nina Nyman - Ylva Perera - Vilhelmina Öhman (toim.)

Dammen brister

Published by Förlaget M Oy Ab

Printed and bound by Oy Nord Print Ab

?Graphic design Linn Henrichson

?Paper Holmen Book Cream 80 g/m2, Munken Print Cream 115 g/m2, Scandia 2000?

Typeface Brown, Caslon

?Efficient visuality forces one to grab this manifesto of a book and also underlines the message of zero tolerance on sexual abuse, harassment and use of power. Due to the informative design the various chapters of the book are easily distinguishable, attention paid to the last detail speaks of set purpose and power. Clever illustrations with hashtags continuously multiplying demonstrate clearly the shocking amount of metoo-cases.


Minna Eväsoja

Shoshin - aloittelijan mieli. Japanilaisia ajatuksia ja ajatuksia Japanista

Published by Gummerus Publishers

Printed and bound by Jelgava Printing House

Reproduced by Keski-Suomen Sivu

Graphic design Sanna-Reeta Meilahti

Paper Geltex, Munken Lynx 120g/m2

Typeface Arno Pro, Europa

??Small and harmonious textbook invites to immerse oneself in the Japanese thoughts and thinking. Columns are of interesting shape and ancient woodcuts used for illustration exotic. The colour scheme is sombre, and controlled bursts of red on the pages delightful.


Kai Häggman - Teemu Keskisarja - Markku Kuisma - Jukka Kukkonen (kuvatoim.) - Aino Kukkonen (kuvatoim.)


Published by WSOY

Printed and bound by Livonia Print Ltd.

Reproduced by Timo Lagerström, Tuomo-Juhani Vuorenmaa

Graphic design Martti Ruokonen

Paper G-Print 150 g/m2

Typeface Arno Pro, Freeway Gothic

The tome on the confusion of 1918 Finnish Civil War builds on strong pictorial material. Tonefully reproduced treasures from the archives gain power through the no-nonsense layout and the choice of materials. The surprise hidden under the flyleaf feels even more meaningful when the book in general is quite conventional.


Satu Jaatinen - Rinna Saramäki (kuvatoim.)

Logo isommalla! Grafia 1933-2018

Published by Finnish Literature Society SKS

Printed by Aldus Oy

Bound by Master Bookbinder Esko Salonen

Reproduced by Kari Lahtinen

Graphic design Eeva Sivula / Dog Design, Maria Paukkunen / Dog Design

Paper Galerie Art Volume 150 g/m2

Typeface Bodoni Twelve, Simplon Mono, Plantin Std?

Plentiful and variegated material from the history of Finnish visual communications is organised between covers. The book conveys the joyous graphic exultations and the systematical control of the materials, typical to the field. Innovative details with graph papers, numbering on the chapter covers, neon highlights, and the bold rhythm in pictures are guaranteed to keep the attention high and help to perceive the vast entirety. A folderlike calico cover with fresh white print and a rare binding choice add the final touches to a grand book.


Karoliina Junno-Huikari (toim.)

Kotikulmilla - Kuvia Vantaasta ennen ja nyt

Published by Vantaa City History Committee

Bound by Finnreklama Oy

Reproduced by Antti Sepponen

Graphic design Anne-Mari Ahonen

Photography Lauri Leppänen, Antti Yrjönen

Paper Munken Lynx Rough 120 g/m2

Typeface Adobe Caslon Pro, Brandon Grotesk

Photo book shape, calico spine and charmingly intensive edge colouring carry an immediate association to old family albums. Book is created with piety up to the typography and the choices of paper, forming a perfect surrounding for pictures of past and present presented in pairs. The three languages carry effortlessly side by side through the book.


Helena Ruuska

Hugo Simberg - Pirut ja enkelit

Published by WSOY

Printed and bound by Livonia Print Ltd.

Reproduced by Keski-Suomen Sivu

Graphic design Jussi Karjalainen

Paper Magno Natural 140 g/m2

Typeface Minion, Cervo Neve

The warmth and humanity of Hugo Simberg´s art flow across the pages of this book through graphic design. The print quality is thoroughly enjoyable and well-balanced column is easy to read. Uncoated paper and harmonious colours support the gentle sturdiness of this book-object.


Sami Tallberg


Published by

Printed and bound by Otavan Kirjapaino Oy

Graphic design and illustration Sofia Pusa

Photography Olga Poppius, Lasse Kosonen

Paper Edixion Offset 120 g/m2

Typeface Ogg, Aperçu

A poison-green mushroom greets us on the cover of the cookbook, on the inside pages the big and strong illustrations glow in vigorous colours which reappear also on the margins of more traditional, informative photos. This is a delightfully anarchic approach on the theme of a common cookbook.

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