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Specialised Books


Kaisa Karvinen - Ott Kagovere - Tommi Vasko

Borrowing Positions: Role-Playing Design & Architecture

Published by Lugemik and Trojan Horse collective Printed by Tallinn Book Printers

Reproduced by Kaisa Karvinen, Ott Kagovere, Tommi Vasko / Tallinn Book Printers

Graphic design Kaisa Karvinen, Ott Kagovere, Tommi Vasko

Illustration Kaisa Karvinen, Ott Kagovere, Tommi Vasko

Photography Olga Poppius, Lasse Kosonen Paper Curious Matter De?sire?e red 270 g/m2, Holmen Book Cream 80 g/m2,Tom & Otto Gloss 115 g/m2

Typeface Apple Garamond, Helvetica,Times New Roman, Syne Climate Base, -Heat, -Melt, My Maps Sans (Mercator), Shtick

Appearance of this book comes from the contrast of combining the classic, laconic Times and the presently fashionable visuals. The result is alternatingly exhausting and relaxing. An interesting, challenging book escapes its definitions.


Natalia Kopkina

Sainte Anne

Published by I am not Publishing

Printed by Natalia Kopkina Bound by Juha Markula

Reproduced by Natalia Kopkina

Graphic design and photography Natalia Kopkina

Paper Japanese paper

Typeface Cambria

This pondering, quiet stream of pictures by Natalia Kopkina flows and bends. Skillful Japanese binding with uncut pages and soft cover card create an effect that invites to pause.


Tuomas Kärkkäinen

Mytty 1: Ämpärillinen protoniloskaa

Mytty 2: Polveni taipuvat kumpaankin suuntaan

Mytty 3: Tulee ruumiita

Mytty 4: Aamu valuu kaduille

Published by Tuomas Kärkkäinen

Printed by KG Press

Reproduced by Merkitys Design Oy

Graphic design Tuomas Kärkkäinen, Safa Hovinen, Tuuli Häggmann

Paper Munken Print Cream, 115 g/m2 & 240 g/m2

Typeface Alghem, Arno, Kefa, Le Murmure, Minipax, Myriad, Sporting Grotesque, Tsernobyl, Xtra Sans

Ämpärillinen protoniloskaa (A Bucketful of Proton Junk) and other three poetry works emerge off a black paper bag, each an individual looking three-colour printed booklet. Poems live in the anarchy of the design and the wildly abstract illustrations. This is a liberated entity where form and content celebrate in vim and vigor!

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