A cover and a spread of the book Suomalaisia tuoleja / Suomalaisia valaisimia.

Tuula Salakari - Katri Lehtola / Anna-Kaisa Huusko - Pekka Järveläinen
Suomalaisia tuoleja / Suomalaisia valaisimia

  • Published by WSOY
  • Graphic design Martti Ruokonen
  • Photography Katri Lehtola/Suomalaisia tuoleja
  • Photography Pekka Järveläinen/Suomalaisia valaisimia
  • Reproduced by Aste Kirjat Oy
  • Printed and bound by Kariston Kirjapaino Oy
  • Paper Arctic Matt 130 g/m2
  • Typeface Chaparral Pro, Avenir LT Std

The cover design of the book builds on the pure lines of the featured design treasures. Spot varnish brings exciting levels to the surface of the book. The color scale of the distinguishing color of the individual books is nicely subdued. The title block, made up of recurring elements, and the product symbols emphasize that the book is part of a series. The content is clearly organized and the typography timeless, which naturally fall in with the theme of design classics. In the high-quality illustration the drop-ins alternating with photographs make for a lively layout.

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