A cover and a spread of the book Läskimooses.


The most beautiful book of the year

Matti Hagelberg

  • Published by Asema Kustannus
  • Graphic design and illustration Matti Hagelberg
  • Printed and bound by Dardedze holografija SIA
  • Paper Geltex, Munken Print
  • Typeface Hand lettering

The result of nine yearswork, Matti Hagelberg’s Läskimooses is an epic tome. In this carefully crafted collection of three volumes of comics, every millimetre works. The slipcase, with its lively colour gradient and surprising typography, holds within it a cosmic universe in black and white. The covers and the elegant numbering on the spines surprise and delight. The light-blue volumes are a masterwork of graphic design – precious objects whose details are well-considered and beautiful. 

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