The Committee focuses its evaluation on typographic characteristics, materials, technical realisation and overall impression of the layout.

Typographic characteristics

  • overall typographic attributes
  • typographic realisation, for example the choice of typeface
  • consistency of layout
  • typesetting
  • quality of typesetting technique
  • readability


  • overall layout attributes
  • structure, rhythm and artistic approach
  • compatibility of stylistic and narrative means with the subject matter


  • the use of illustrations
  • quality of illustrations
  • layout of illustrations
  • appearance and narrative qualities of the illustrations


  • transparency
  • shade, surface treatment and quality of paper
  • appropriateness for the respective purpose of use

Reproduction, printing, colour reproduction

  • printing quality in text and image printing
  • uniformity of colour reproduction


  • the choice of binding type and material, their compatibility with one another and with the usage purpose of the book
  • quality of binding realisation

Overall impression

  • balance of contents and design
  • appropriateness of the book’s shape and technical realisation
  • images, illustrations and the book jacket as complementary factors to the overall impression
  • stylistic appropriateness with regards to the contents
  • innovativeness of the realisation
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