A cover and a spread of the book Manuaali.


The most beautiful book of the year

Klaus Maunuksela

  • Published by Kustannusyhtiö Kosmos
  • Graphic design Viivi Prokofjev
  • Reproduced by Keski-Suomen Sivu
  • Printed and bound by Scandbook
  • Paper Enso Creamy 60 g/m2
  • Typeface Work Sans, Cormorant Garamond

Manuaali, the most beautiful book of the year, is indeed like a manual, sitting comfortably in the hand, light, soft and tactile, a perfectly functional book object. The work’s thoughtful, delicious details serve the reader and offer surprises. The round corners, small size, typesetting on the back cover that invites you to turn over the book, blurred pages and manuallike illustration plate create a visual dramaturgy with varying rhythms.

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