A cover and a spread of the book Neuromaani.


Most beautiful book of the year

Jaakko Yli-Juonikas

  • Published by Otava Publishing Company Ltd.
  • Graphic design Markus Pyörälä
  • Reproduced by Aste Kirjat Oy
  • Printed and bound by Otavan Kirjapaino Oy
  • Paper Lux Cream 1.8 70 g/m2
  • Typeface Adobe Caslon, Trade Gothic

The book is a surprisingly and stunningly unique package. Neuromaani startles its reader with its very title (Neuromaniac). This work that challenges the boundaries of genre has truly found itself in a worthy form. The strange professional titles and logos of faculties or pharmaceutical companies both divert and lead the reader along. The graphics on the cover cleverly link with the ribbon markers, which come handy in keeping abreast of the multi-layered text with its abundant footnotes. Distinct chapter numbers on every page guide the reader. The typography is well constructed and skillfully realized. The binding is also carefully thought-out and finalized.

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