Comic books

A cover of the book Kannas.A cover and a spread of the book Kannas.

Hanneriina Moisseinen

  • Published by Kreegah Bundolo
  • Graphic design Hans Nissen
  • Illustration and cover design Hanneriina Moisseinen
  • Printed and bound by Jelgava Printing House
  • Paper Munken Pure 130g
  • Typeface Arial

Sensitive pencil art creates a shocking contrast with the militant topic of this graphic novel, and the same excitement lives in the interaction of the drawings and the properly grey photos, set page- or even spread-wide. The fictional and emotional content of the panels gain from the harsh reality of the photos. The soft, natural-white paper suits the drawing technique, and the form is right for this graphic novel.

A cover of the book Suurin piirtein Samuel.A cover and a spread of the book Suurin piirtein Samuel.

Tommi Musturi
Suurin piirtein Samuel

  • Published by Boing Being
  • Graphic design and illustration Tommi Musturi
  • Reproduced by Tommi Musturi
  • Printed and bound by Liberdúplex
  • Paper Amber Graphic 130g, Oria Cream 140g
  • Typeface Handlettering

Colourfully pop-artish cover suggests but does not yet reveal the fireworks of bright colours and inventive visual ideas to come. The pacing of the graphic novel is organic: the book breathes freely, on every opening. Seamless combination of improvisation and finalisation.

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