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A cover and a spread of the book Homo Line.

Edith Hammar:
Homo Line

  • Published by Förlaget
  • Graphic design and illustration Edith Hammar
  • Printed and bound by UAB BALTO print
  • Paper Arktika 250 g/m2
  • Typeface Hand lettering

With its restless and unapologetic style, Homo Line will bypass the queue to be one of the select Finnish Alternative Comics. The look is strong and graphic, illustrations in black and white with an addition of stinging red in the cover. Even though the panels are full to the excess, the grotesque story supports the narrative. This comic is proudly exactly what it is, which doesn’t happen too often.

A cover and a spread of the book Russian Diaries.

Kaisa Leka – Christoffer Leka
Russian Diaries

  • Published by Absolute Truth Press
  • Graphic design Christoffer Leka
  • Illustration Kaisa Leka
  • Printed by Oy Painotalo tt-urex Ab
  • Paper Munken Polar 130 g/m2
  • Typeface LTC Remington Typewriter

A combination of prose and comic, this is a well thought beautiful book about a kayaking trip from the White Sea to St. Petersburg. Log markings connect with sketches and maps done under journey, notebook appearance paints scenes of action in an expressive way. Original storytelling benefits occasionally from Cyrillic alphabet. The Jury approved also the charming attachments and flowery design imitating a Russian scarf on the flyleaf.

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