Special Books

A cover and a spread of the book Unveil.

Marika Maijala aka MARCEL

  • Published by Self-published
  • Graphic design, illustration and reproduced by Marika Maijala
  • Printed by Vallilan Risopaja
  • Bound by Kirjansitomo V. & K. Jokinen
  • Paper Munken Print Cream
  • Typeface Cochin

This portfolio-like artist’s book, attributed to the pseudonym Marcel, takes you to an enigmatic world where a variety of characters have gathered in celebration. The randomness of risograph printing and the variation of intense colours and faint impressions accentuate the entrancing mood. The minimal text tells us little, and the book’s spider-patterned vellum pages both protect and reveal. The marbled covers of this hand-bound work of art subtly gleam. A short preface would orient the readeror would it ruin the experience? 

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