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Eveliina Nieminen

Late Bloomers

Published by Kustannusosakeyhtiö Kosmos
Printed and bound by Jelgava Printing House
Graphic design Helena Masalin
Illustration Cassandre Montoriol
Paper Munken Pure 120 g/m2

Typeface GT Sectra Display Regular, Garamond, Gotham??Collection of stories soulfully illustrated creates a charming coffee table book. Sophisticated appearance carries an international breath of fresh air and delights on its details selected with care. The colours, typography, illustration, and choice of paper carry a light-spirited dialogue with the stories. The sweet package comes complete with a bound bookmark.


Aki Ollikainen


Published by Siltala Publishing
Printed and bound by Livonia Print Ltd.
Graphic design Elina Warsta / Solmu Design
Paper Serixo 120 g/m2, Efalin 120 g/m2
Typeface Perpetua Std, Gotham Narrow??Pencilwork of Elina Warsta is sovereign.

Already on the front cover of the novel the wild nature peeps out among the shining silver foil and deep grey calico, to really burst out on the flyleaf into a wild exuberance leading to the depths of the book. The asymmetrical binding only adds to the special nature of this book object.


Tuija Välipakka


Published by Siltala Publishing
Printed and bound by Livonia Print Ltd.?
Graphic design Elina Warsta / Solmu Design?
Paper Munken Print White 1.5 115 g/m2, Munken Lynx 130 g/m2, Geltex 111-LS 115 g/m2?
Typeface Arno Pro, Gotham Narrow

?Once opening this book the reader has to accept the challenge, as from under a sombre cover appears a bright, fruit-laden flyleaf. Visual imagery is a seamless part of the content, and typesetting, emojis, photos, and the very language itself are joined together. Form-set poems receive meaning from typography, which interprets through the textual content. Fragments reaching towards both each other and the world itself create a full and complete work of art.


Heidi von Wright


Published by Schildts & Söderströms
Printed and bound by Livonia Print Ltd.
Graphic design Ulla Donner
Paper Munken 90 g/m2
Typeface Adobe FNT16.lst, Fournier, Garamond

This small charming book of poems is well balanced in all aspects. Typography breathes in harmony and the slightly yellow tone tunes in with the colour scheme of the cover. Cover reminiscent of the past decades charms with its illustrative work, nostalgic and skillfully styled.

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