A cover of the book Jeevestarinoita 1-3:<br />
Kiitos, Jeeves<br />
Hiiop, Jeeves<br />
Hyvää joulua, Jeeves.

P.G. Wodehouse
Jeevestarinoita 1-3:
Kiitos, Jeeves
Hiiop, Jeeves
Hyvää joulua, Jeeves

  • Published by Kustannusosakeyhtiö Teos
  • Graphic design and illustration Camilla Pentti
  • Printed and bound by Bookwell Oy
  • Paper Ensolux Cream 70 g/m2
  • Typeface Perpetua, Verdigris

A controlled whole in which the elements of the cover design series are elevating. The illustrations and title typography are appropriate. The harmonic tones of the palette and the illustrations give each part its own subtle characteristic features. The typography and materials are chosen with care and suitable to the style.

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