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A cover of the book Siniset vuodet - Blue Years.

Tekla Inari
Siniset vuodet - Blue Years

  • Published by Kustannusosakeyhtiö Kosmos
  • Graphic design Tekla Inari, Jaakko Suomalainen
  • Photography Tekla Inari
  • Reproduced by Petri Kuokka / Aarnipaja Ky
  • Printed and bound by KOPA
  • Paper Munken Polar 120g, Arjowiggins Particles Moonlight 300g
  • Typeface freiheit (Jaakko Suomalainen)

This genre-challenging book is interesting and current, extending into fields of poetry, photography and that of a journal. Aesthetics is impressively plain. Measured use of space, pictorial, and limited typography carry a voice both quiet and strong.

A cover of the book Atlas Part 1: Islands.

Emmi Jormalainen
Atlas Part 1: Islands

  • Graphic design, illustration and published by Emmi Jormalainen
  • Printed and bound by Eura Print Oy
  • Paper Cocoon Offset 140g
  • Typeface Hand lettering

Inside greenish cover hides a pencil-drawn pondering world. No typeset breaks the intimate entity, every letter is hand-written. Book brings us greetings from the silent, where the time and place are only defined through the whispering sound of a pencil.

A cover and a spread of the book Ernst Mether-Borgström.

Tiina Penttilä (Toim.)
Ernst Mether-Borgström

  • Published by EMMA – Espoo Museum of Modern Art
  • Graphic design Milla Rissanen
  • Photography Yehia Eweis / EMMA
  • Reproduced by Asko Rokala / Bee2 Oy
  • Printed and bound by Bookwell Oy
  • Paper Arctic Volume High White 130g
  • Typeface Lyon Text, Lasiver, Noe Display

Strict layout of the exhibition catalogue is softened with pink headlines, quotes and backgrounds. Design is timeless, modern and true to the art it represents. Photographs are bright and suit the matte-coated paper. Typesetting in the cover combines graphic clarity and playfulness successfully.

A cover and a spread of the book Olafur Eliasson - Pentagonal Landscapes.

Päivi Talasmaa - Esa Takala - Milla Rissanen - Suvi Sivulainen (Toim.)
Olafur Eliasson - Pentagonal Landscapes

  • Published by EMMA – Espoo Museum of Modern Art
  • Graphic design Tony Eräpuro / Kuudes Kerros
  • Photography Ari Karttunen / EMMA
  • Reproduced by Asko Rokala / Bee2 Oy
  • Printed and bound by Lönnberg Print & Promo
  • Paper Cocoon Offset, Rainbow Grey, Cyclus Offset, GalerieArt gloss
  • Typeface LL Circular, GT Sectra

Brave typography brings out interpretations in this exhibition catalogue. Embossed titles of the front cover, endpage pastedown mirror foil, empty outlined spaces and other inventive ideas in book construction both accentuate and extend the world of exhibitions. Refreshing insights!

A cover and a spread of the book Between Science and Melancholia.

Ilona Valkonen
Between Science and Melancholia

  • Published by Ilona Valkonen
  • Graphic design Jenni Rope, Ilona Valkonen
  • Photography Yehia Eweis, Kati Rapia
  • Printed and bound by Livonia Print
  • Paper G-Print 200g & 115g
  • Typeface Myriad Pro light

This book replaces the conventions of bookishness with unashamed selfhood, and relies instead on colour and image. Type is hidden inside a dust cover that opens into a poster form. Uncompromising design extends to the raw cardboard cover bound with orange thread. Design consists of odd-colour pages setting the pace for photographs: the result is a fine symphony.

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