A cover and a spread of the book Självbiografiskt lexikon.

Michel Ekman
Självbiografiskt lexikon

  • Published by Schildts & Söderströms
  • Graphic design Anders Carpelan
  • Printed and bound by Oy Nord Print Ab
  • Paper Munken 90g
  • Typeface Granjon LT, Gill Sans, Ando

The importance of the physical format is underlined, as this small book feels both intimate and sympathetic. Magic takes place around the covers, as the fluorescent of the dustjacket meets the unspecified flesh tone of the cover card.

A cover of the book White Monkey.

Adrian Perera
White Monkey

  • Published by Förlaget M Oy Ab
  • Graphic design Tom Backström
  • Printed and bound by Livonia Print
  • Paper Munken Munken Print White, Amber Graphic, Geltex LS
  • Typeface Trine Rask North

Hand-proportioned and well-finished little book extends the dark colour scheme of its cover to the cover foil, endleaves and the dyed edges. Plain choice of paper in bookblock is in good contrast with meticulously designed covers. Author’s picture is included in a novel way.

A cover of the book Uraanilamppu ja muita novelleja.

Harry Salmenniemi
Uraanilamppu ja muita novelleja

  • Published by Siltala Publishing
  • Graphic design Markus Pyörälä
  • Printed and bound by Tallinna Raamatutrükikoja Oü
  • Paper Ensolux Cream 80g
  • Typeface Linotype Centennial

Uraanilamppu pretends to be a classic book-object, but that pretension is false! Calico screams orange, cover card is strangely flexible and the stoic typeset is spiced with hand-written bits and gravures of the past – excellent setting for short stories deriving from old Finnish literature and the strange.

A cover of the book Jatkosota-extra.

Jaakko Yli-Juonikas

  • Published by Siltala Publishing
  • Graphic design Markus Pyörälä
  • Illustration Markus Pyörälä, Jaakko Yli-Juonikas
  • Printed and bound by Livonia Print
  • Paper Holmen 70g 1.8
  • Typeface Adobe Caslon

Jatkosota-extra is both crazy tongue-in-cheek political satire and linguistics playing with words and forms familiar to press and literature. Selfsame styling is visible in the graphic design, too. Book is full of surprises well suited to the principle of reality exploding and splintering up.

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